Born in 1977, Ps. Hennie v.d Merwe grew up in Bloemfontein. He attended HTS Louis Botha, after school he persuaded his passion for the financial industry, spending many years in the Banking sector.

Hennie turned a dirty deal to his advantage
Partly because getting dirty is something he associates with having fun – even though he is wheelchair-bound and partly because his guiding principle is that he’s prepared to get his hands dirty for God.

As the bullet ripped through Hennie van der Merwe’s chest and abdomen and he realised he was paralysed from the waist down, he faced up to how much more he had lost than just the cell phone the thief was after.

As he recovered in hospital and took up the reins of his new life as a paraplegic, Hennie realised how much more God had given him than he had before. “Life rewards your attitude, and I am living a far better life now than I was before I was shot. God has done amazing things for me and shown me a better way. I’ve realized everyone has problems, it’s how you handle them that matters. You’re only as disabled as you make yourself.”

In 2010 Ps. At Boshoff requested Ps. Hennie to join CRC Bloemfontein as assistant pastor and in 2012 got ordained as Senior Pastor for CRC Nelspruit. Ps Hennie met his wife in Ministry and his daughter, Juanè was born in 2001.

Elizna is a qualified teacher and also attained a Degree in BA Fine Art P.G.C.E. Besides her role in the Music ministry, Elizna also supports Ps. Hennie with all his ministerial duties. She is an excellent homemaker, organizer & key role player in the growth of CRC Nelspruit!

Ps. Hennie, Elizna & His daugter Juanè has a
passion for God, His House, His People & a
passion for life! Under the Autority of Ps. At Boshoff, they lead and serve as head Pastor of CRC Nelspruit.