[container extra=”row”] [custom extra=”col-md-7″ anim=””] [heading icon=”” type=”standard” size=”h2″ extra=””]Get to know about CRC[/heading] [divider extra=”sm”] [paragraph extra=””]At CRC it is all about YOU. [paragraph][/custom][custom extra=”col-md-5″ anim=””] [div extra=”fw-video”] [/div][/custom][/container] [spacer size=”spacer-10″ extra=””][/spacer] [container extra=”row”] [one_half extra=”” anim=””] [heading icon=”” type=”standard” size=”h3″ extra=””]Sunday Gatherings[/heading] [paragraph extra=””]CRC Nelspruit and Maputo[paragraph] [heading icon=”” type=”standard” size=”h3″ extra=””]Time & Location[/heading] [paragraph extra=””]Our Sunday morning services are at 9:00 with Ps Hennie preaching, and our evening services is at 18:00 live link with Ps At Boshoff. [paragraph] [gmap address=”New Venue Launch CRC Nelspruit”] [/one_half] [one_half extra=”” anim=””] [heading icon=”” type=”standard” size=”h3″ extra=””]Common Questions[/heading] [accordions id=”new”] [accgroup] [acchead id=”new” tab_id=”new0″ class=”active”]What is our Vision[/acchead] [accbody tab_id=”new0″ in=”in”] Mandate Win the Lost at Any Cost Vision Building One Church in Many Locations Mission Mend the Nets – The Catch Will Be Great!

  • To establish one, dynamic, vibrant, growing church in many locations, nationally and internationally, using multimedia, team-ministry and community outreach.
  • To train and release every member for effective Christian services.
  • To establish Christian values and morals within our communities.
[/accbody] [/accgroup] [/accordions] [heading icon=”” type=”standard” size=”h3″ extra=””]What to expect[/heading] [paragraph extra=””]At CRC you will experience the most amazing journey you’ve e ever being on. Life changing experience and tremendous Spiritual growth. Our Praise and Worship are Spirit filled, alive, relevant and world class. Our Preaching is dynamic. Word based, Spirit driven and relevant to today. You’re kid’s will experience spiritual growth in a next level. They will be spirituality equipped by fully trained volunteers from the best word based programs in the world. Every volunteer from the parking lot to the senior leadership will welcome you with open hearts and arms serving you with excellence never seen before. [/paragraph] [heading icon=”” type=”standard” size=”h3″ extra=””]Get connected[/heading] [paragraph extra=””]Get connected through one of our amazing homecells and Sunday Celebration Services. Visit our New Members Orientation(NMO), Be discipled by attending the following three events: John3:16, Spiritual Gifting, DISC personality discovery. Our Sponsor – Sponsee program will equip you to lay down the basic fundamentals of your walk with God. Grow spiritually on a whole nother level as you serve actively in the kingdom of God making a difference in the life’s if others. [/paragraph] [/one_half] [/container]

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